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Monday, November 5, 2012

manual vs electric breastpump

Haish... dah pikir lama pun still takde idea lagi. ingat nak beli manual dulu, tengok production camner. tapi kalau dalam pantang nanti susah plak nak pegi beli.. so, buat persediaan I sediakan budget mudah rm300.00 dulu untuk beli bp. perjalanan bermula di Sogo.

Why Sogo ? sebab nak jimat. I gi tukar voucher redeem point credit card, hehe kira reward dapat bp la.. in case kalau tak serasi, kemudian boleh upgrade yang lagi better.

If u all ada rm 300, korang beli bp ape?

Dengan budget kecik, takleh nak demand banyak. buat comparison sket dari aspek berikut:
  • brand - macam2 ada..
  • function -  manual or electric, both or battery operated.
  • mobility - manual lebih portable, parts lebih kecik and easy to assemble.
  • sound - ikut nasib, ada yang karen bunyik mesin rumput, ada yang manual bunyik klepek2. lagi bagus yang sunyi terus.
Selepas sesi wildcut, ni pilihan yang ada. Sorry harga tak ingat sangat, tapi lebih kurang camni la price range dia..

Medela harmony (m)
Prce : rm 269 ++
Medela: Harmony Manual Breastpump with 2-Phase Expression

This manual breastpump is ideal for mothers who only express milk occasionally and do not want to miss the usual feel of their baby. Medela’s Harmony™ pump won in the ‘Best Manual Pump’ category at UK parenting awards.

With 2-Phase Expression® 
It is the only research based breastpump technology to mimic a baby's natural nursing rhythm. The unique combination of a rapid stimulation and slower expression makes pumping especially gentle, comfortable and efficient

Ergonomic swivel handle 
Gently massaging SoftFit™ Breastshield 
 Fewer parts than other manual breastpumps 

Philips avent (m)
Price : rm 259 ++
Philips Avent: Manual Breastpump PP with Bottle - BEST BUY

Unique active massage cushion for optimum comfort

Being stressed or in a hurry can make it more difficult to release your milk and can also affect your milk supply. So feeling comfortable and relaxed really helps. Our pump has been designed to increase your comfort when you are pumping.

Clinically proven results
The gentle-draw vacuum that mimics a baby's natural suckling action gets more milk than a hospital grade double electric pump

Patented soft 5-petal massage cushion
The unique active massage cushion is intended to help stimulate natural let-down

Unique system for easy milk storage
Make your life easier by expressing directly into any of our wide range of bottles and storage containers for the fridge or freezer

What is included
Manual breast pump: 1 pcs 
Breast milk container (125 ml/4 oz): 1 pcs 
Bottle stand/funnel cover: 1 pcs 
Extra soft, newborn flow teat: 1 pcs 
Sealing disc: 1 pcs 
Spare parts: 2 pcs 
Newborn teat travel pack: 1 pcs

Little bean electric
Price : rm 299

  • Innovative Design - The only high function drive available with 3 sucking strength. Prevents the milk gland from possible blockage.
  • Simulates a Baby's Natural Sucking Action - Simulates the quick at first and the slow down sucking rhythm of a baby. Thus the breast nipple is stimulated to keep away any blockage in the milk gland so that milk secretion will be ready for breast feeding. The subsequent slow-down sucking rhythm then facilitates the smooth flow in milks sucking. The suck & release action is as natural as the baby's sucking mode.
  • Auto Time Setting - The main pump operates at a set timing to ensure comfortable and effective sucking.
  • Somatology Design - Gently press the button to turn on the digital display and humanized operation.
  •  Mute Control - The main pump operates silently without producing any disturbing noise.
  • Small Model For Carrying Easily - With fashionable and streamline exterior design for carrying conveniently, the operation of the host machine and the connection of the three-port sucking device are very simple and easy.

Finally, we decided beli yang electric jugak *Choice no 3, Little Bean Electric Breastpump* since harga pun tak jauh beza dengan manual. yang penting niat nak exclusively breastfeed baby tu ada Insyaallah Allah permudahkan.. nak membeli time ni *dengan mode reno rumah lagi ni* kena ikut kemampuan poket jugak. buat masa we go by functions and price, later Insyaallah we purchace on brand and quality. daaaa!

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